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Our company have developed the lifting megnets of various steel materials long years for efficient handling.
Now we perfected an ideal magnetic lifter which can lift one sheet each separately or laminated sheets together at one time from the plied steel sheets.
We named this HOLE-MAG and believe this idel is beyond the world technics.

As you know, it is very hard to lift one sheet separately from the pile of medium thick plates of 6 mm, 4.5mm and 3.2mm surely.
the reason is that in case of medium thick plates the electric current value supplied to the electric magnet becomes almost the same for one sheet and two sheets too.

This HOLE-MAG has the principle that magnetic pole to be exited has a hole which part is the magnetic field length zero even if the magnetic pole is exited.

Accordingly, as the naming is applied, to the magnetic pole plural holes made in which equipped with the movable poles by tare vertically .
These movable poles have proper cross section area and magnetic path length.As at the end the steel plate is absurd to be lifted up, the separation characteristic is demonstrated to enable to lift one sheet of medium thick very easily. Even if a desirable medium thick one placed on the very plates, it can be picked up selectedly to transport easily. That is the feature too.

As this movable poles have a very simple mechanism to move by tare vertically, no maintenance is required.

When exited at this pole withdrawn, the multi-sheets lifting conveyance can be done as ever before.
So using this HOLE-MAG, the repeated raising and lowering works of crane is eliminated.

Like such tedious works can be finished once and for all, being likened to play golt, it was named HOLE-MAG.

We are ready with the standard specifications but your present using magnet or other maker's one also remodelled into the modernization.
Please test HOLE-MAG for grate time and money saving.

Note:One sheet of plate & x 3050 x 12100 mm was selectively lifted from
a pile of three sheets of the same size is being transported.
Note:Three sheets of the same size as above were
lifted together and the being transported.

MAG-ALL F-1300C4.5B
BILET LIFTINGPAT.NO.1287694 and other 15 units.



MAG-ALL F-1200w3.5
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