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The History Of Our Company
Our company strives to increase the production of your factory through the combining of new technologies and ideas that will meet your needs now and into the future.
Our company motto is to produce machines that satisfy and exceed our customer’s expectations.
Started Kohan Sendan Co.,LTD for designing and Manufacturing Overhead travelling crane and special telpher crane to increase work effi-ciency. Research and trial production of lifting magnets for handling thick steel plated D.C. Power equipment for cutting-off of electricity and Cor-rection Shear line for hot coil started.
For extension of sales of the above mentioned new products. Ko-han Sendan Machinery Co.,LTD was newly established independently with the capital of \4,000,000.
The Excellence Award was given for the device of lifting magnet with safety equipment for fly wheel from the Invention Association.
We research and accomplished the first hot shear line, the first overhead travelling crane with lifting magnet and motorized Rotate beam, the first coil shot blast line, the first flying shear line. Applying patents to 14 coun-tries.
Our company are developed the lifting magnets of various steel materials long years for efficient handling.
Now we perfected an ideal magnet lifter which can lift one sheet each separately or laminated sheets together at one time from the plied steel sheets.
We named this HOLE-MAG and believe this idea is beyond the world tech-niques.
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